Thursday, 15 September 2011

An old Frendo mine

Chris Horobin and his wife Jane are really good family friends of mine and are out in Cham town just now for a week climbing, walking and chillaxing in the sun.

Chris has been here many times before but still had great classics to be ticked. One of the routes to be ticked was the Frendo Spur, a 1200m classic alpine route up the north face of the Midi.

I had recently done this route not so long ago, but was happy to get on it again with Chris. The day before we went for it I had a look through the binoculars and actually thought the ice at the top looked really black. Once we were up there the condition of the ice was amazing. What neve was there was awesome, and the blackish ice was quite rippled so you just hit the soft parts!

Chris was really pleased to have climbed it and really enjoyed the ice climbing. Makes a bit of a change from plodding up 6000m peaks.

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  1. Great Route, Great climbing, Great company even for someone who does not like Salt in their porridge.
    I am well psyched for getting back out real soon Thanks Ally